When would you like us to schedule your pool opening?

What pool opening services would you like us to perform?

Make sure to check off all additional features your pool contains or services you require, as these will increase the length of our visit.

Fill swimming pool to mid-skimmer level and remove leaves/water from pool cover prior to our arrival to avoid additional labor charges.

Weekly, biweekly and monthly visits will be subject to the following additional charges when applicable.

Chlorine Tablet 3" 8 oz +$5.00 per tablet

Liquid Chlorine Shock 12.5% +$10.00 per gallon

Calcium Hypochlorite Shock +$7.25 per pound

Salt 40 lbs +$12.00 per bag

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Please note that the actual cost to open your pool will be determined by the technician at the time of service. NOTE: Matthews Pool & Spa reserves the right to adjust all prices contained herein in the event that a significant change occurs in our operating expenses.