Know Before You Buy

Our inspectors are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Our inspections are unbiased appraisals of each major part of the swimming pool and will communicate estimated age of items, remaining lifespan and estimated cost to replace.

Decking and Drainage

We inspect the pool deck and surrounding areas for damage and settling.

Pool Surface

We inspect the swimming pool surface for cracks, discoloration and chemical damage.

Pumping Equipment

We inspect the pumps and related components for sound operation.

Pool Filter

We inspect the pool filter and related components to determine all features function as designed.


We inspect drains and wall suctions for VGB compliance.

Cleaning System

We inspect pressure cleaners and booster pumps.

Skimmer and Basket

We inspect skimmers for cracks, damage and proper suction.

Railings and Accessories

We inspect railings and accessories for proper installation.

Pool Light

We inspect pool lights for proper operation.

Visible Plumbing Lines, Valves and Water Features

We inspect all visible plumbing, valves and water features for leaks and proper operation.


We inspect heaters for rust, blue flames and proper operation.


We inspect electrical components and bonding.

Barriers, Fences and Gates

We inspect all barricades around the pool for complete circuits without damage.

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