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Oakland, NJ


Swimming Pool Builder in Northern New Jersey

Create your fantasy pool with the guidance of Matthews Pool & Spa. Our award-winning pool builders bring clear vision and creative flair to every project, turning your tired backyard into a serene sanctuary.

Everyone has the right to live their dream lifestyle, and pools are the centerpiece of this desire – whether for family fun, lively parties or as a haven of health and fitness.

We customize every design element to reflect the personality of your property – from size, style, shape, lighting and accessories – and can custom-create a limitless choice of luxury pools and spas, including freeform, infinity pools, and geometric.

Pool building is an art-form and one we have honed over a lifetime.

Matthews Pool & Spa will transform backyards across the broad area of Northern New Jersey. Get in touch with our friendly advisors for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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